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 Live the real REEL online at Casting Frontier

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PostSubject: Live the real REEL online at Casting Frontier   Live the real REEL online at Casting Frontier EmptySun Mar 04, 2012 12:36 pm

Casting process has always been a lengthy and a tiring one. Many in the industry have lost opportunities just because they were in one casting performance and they could not make it to any other at the same time. Since technology has made it possible to whip of all such constraints by going on the internet, solutions to casting have been lately not introduced. Until one simple venture in 2006, yet very interesting and complicated process of casting was offered online by Joey Rubenstein and Andreas Tompros. This is the very useful online tool.
Casting calls roll out with series of auditions before the panel which mainly includes the Director, Producer and the Choreographer. It is very hard to hold a stack of resumes, piles of photo shoots and GBís of videos in hand to appear in-front of the casting directors across towns and cities. Itís all been a magic that has taken away this pain from the talent from when the went viral online. Everything is just a click away, with directors searching all videos for their needs, requesting for more from the shortlisted oneís and offering TV Commercial and Movie roles. There are varieties of services at the desk at Casting Frontier such as Casting calls, TV auditions and Commercial casting calls. Ipads, Wifi, Tablets are all the crew members who work for the talent. Technology is the master at Casting Frontier providing solutions for all the new talent.
Database of the Casting Frontier has pooled up into hundreds of thousands. Itís because of the simplicity of joining as a member and the ease with which the technology guides the talents into casting calls. Signing up is very simple. At a click, there are 15 locations that the talent can choose from Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Texas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Central Florida, San Francisco and many more. And to wonders, it is free for basic profile. All this technology - at no cost for the basic profile that includes one headshot, resume and talent ID number. Apart from the basic profile there are two other profiles that add up to being professional and getting casting calls, TV auditions and commercial casting calls as-well. Even the paid services Premium and Premium Plus come at a very low price compared to the old traditional other casting solutions. It is hardly three pages and around 20 fields of general information about you that would take 5 minutes of your busy schedule to sign up.
Solutions offered are very innovative and specially designed for the talents. There are Apps, iApplications which give a relief in searching for the needed actors just by a click, scheduling profile meetings online, viewing videos, profiles, resumes etc. Casting professionalís advice, better photography, extremely critical of dealing one on one, a touch away resource and being a part of the extremely talented, creative, innovative, hardworking, professional and not to forget tech savy crew of Casting Frontier is a blessing in disguise.
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Live the real REEL online at Casting Frontier
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